January 15, 2010

Things I'm loving right now

Hello blogosphere. Hope you're doing well.

So there are a few things going on right now that I am absolutely loving! And I felt like sharing.

#1. Conan vs. Leno
I can't even tell you how much I'm loving the NBC battles right now. It's kind of fascinating to me. Not only because I happen to love a good corporate scandal, but also because since I started re-watching Conan this week because of the whole battle, you can tell he has completely come back into his own! (yes, rewatching, because his show changed a lot when he moved up in time slots) I missed his old goofy ways, and you could totally tell he had watered things down when he became host of the Tonight Show (whether it was asked for by NBC or not is too soon to tell). But I respect the statements the guy has made to the general public, and I am happy he is back to his old ways - including cutting waist strings. That's what made him so successful in the first place! So therefore, in case you all were dying to know, I am on Team Conan. Not that I have much against Leno - I think he's been put in kind of a rough spot by NBC - but it's time for a new Tonight Show host, and it should be Conan O'Brien. That is all.

#2. Sherlock Holmes
Ok, I know that there's some back and forth on this one right now, but I loved the Sherlock Holmes - and not just because of my love of Robert Downey, Jr. (but that didn't hurt either). Granted, the plot was a little "eh" since I'm not huge into witchcraft or the supernatural, but I thought the portrayal of Holmes and Watson was awesome. RDJ and Jude Law were a perfect match as far as I'm concerned! Can't wait for a sequel (if there is one).

#3. Spin Class
LOL! Ok I'm not that much of an old lady, but that picture made me laugh. So I just started up a spinning class last week, and MAN am I loving it!! It is such a great work out and since Allen and I are on a hardcore health-kick these days, I've decided that this is the perfect kind of cardio for me. The class I'm taking does 35 minutes of cycling, and then 15 minutes of either core or strength training work. I love, love, love it no matter how sore my booty was after that first bike ride (and believe me, I was sore). I just have such a hard time motivating myself to run or go on the eliptical, so I'm pretty happy with this choice so far. Hopefully I'll keep it up for the next 12 weeks!

This weekend is full of some fun plans - tonight we're going to Lansing to see an Irish band with two of our friends, and tomorrow will be a lot of cleaning and school work until Jill's going away party (ok, that's not fun for me, but it will be fun to see everyone). And then Sunday is the first night of our cornhole league! This should be interesting... :)

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