January 8, 2010

The 'zona

After the craziness of the holidays died down this year (well, it didn't exactly die down, we just straight up and left it), Allen and I headed to Arizona to visit his brother and sister that live there. We were joined by a few friends and had a really great, fun, WARM time. And by warm, I'm saying it doesn't take a lot to convince me to move somewhere warm when it's 70ยบ and sunny with clear skies. That blast of cold air when we came back to Detroit was not a fun one.

A few of the fun photos from our trip:

Allen and his brother Mark

The boys, after doing a bit of rock climbing (Jeff, Erik, Mark, Eric, and Allen)

Mark and Allen teaching their nephews "The Captain" (Alex is on the left, Andrew on the right)

"The Tree Incident"

So, a funny thing about "The Incident". Mark, at some point on New Year's Eve, decided it would be a great idea to tackle our friend Eric into the Christmas tree. He even went so far as to ask Molly permission to do so, and had the foresight to remove some of the more sentimental ornaments from the tree beforehand. Well, the thought was that the tree would just fall back into the wall. Instead, the tree crumpled underneath them. This is the aftermath the next morning. We all just decided to chalk it up to Nick (the cat) being pissed about not getting enough Christmas presents this year.

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