February 24, 2010


So I've already picked out the colors for the wedding (for the most part) and actually used Pantone chips to help me have an accurate color match - I know, I know...nerd alert. Something kind of awesome and fun that I discovered on the interwebs today comes from www.colorstrology.com. It ties together two of my favorite things - astrology and Pantone colors! Woo! This site is totally perfect for showing what Pantone color is representative of you and the day that you were born! It also gives a pretty cool discription of your personality as well, which I still think is cool whether or not you believe in astrology.

I did a couple dates here that reflect a few of my friends that I know read the blog, just as a special shout out to them :) Enjoy ladies!



Ms. Bunny



I have to say, I think Jill's is my favorite. That one seriously screams "Jillian" to me when I see it with the pink and purple! I love all of them though. Elaine's and mine are pretty much identical due to the fact that our birthdays are a day apart. 

I also did the Pantone color match for our wedding day...hmmm...very interesting ;)


  1. Do mine! The colostrology is blocked at my work! :)

    I'm sure my wedding and birthday will show up the same since it's only about a week apart. It actually might even be the same as yours!


  2. Interesting...I love how mine says I'm a moneymaker. LOL when's that supposed to happen?