February 15, 2010

Save the Dates

So, I may have spoken too soon in my post last week that I'm lacking wedding "style." All of a sudden, out of no where, all kinds of wedding fabulousness is smacking me in the face. I'll continue to post a lot of it up here as part of my own categorization method, but I've decided to also keep a few details to myself so I can make sure there's still surprises for those who actually come to enjoy our day. :)

In the meantime, I wanted to share these adorable letterpress Save the Dates that were posted as part of Clover and Bee's "Inspired Midwest Bride" series. I just love how intricate the design is, while completely taking advantage of the one color letterpress print. The entire Save the Date package that they put together is adorable - a vintage feel, but still crisp and clean, along with the long portrait composition. The calendar at the bottom with the punched out dates is absolutely adorable too! Plus, I love me some letterpress so I can just never get enough. Enjoy!


  1. Although I have at times thought that Save the Dates were best used and only necessary with destination weddings, I think I change my tune. I got one from my friend Yael, and now for that date since it was the first invite I got, that will be the wedding I attend. I don't think there are overlaps, but at our age I say you can never be too careful in the most popular months!

  2. That's so true - I totally do the same thing! Plus now we have the destination factor, and also the rate that our friends are getting engaged and married ;)

    PS I MISS YOU! Can't wait to hear about the honeymoon!

  3. I saw these invites on another site too and oogled over them for quite some time. I heart letterpress.