March 22, 2010

Pretty Things Part 2

In continuing with posting up a bunch of pretty things I am loving on right now, we move to the invites (WOO!) which are a big part of what I've been researching lately. As many of you may know, I love all things letterpress, so I have been researching a bunch of vendors to possibly do this for the invites at least. The problem with letterpress (the only problem in my mind) is that it is very expensive to do, and I definitely don't want to risk trying to print them that way myself. One task I have been looking into is doing my own embossing, which could save me a little bit of money, and also does not take too long to do. I recently bought a test kit for this, and I'll post up my findings as soon as I go through my first test :)

Ok enough of that, onto the pretty stuff!

Today's Post: Pretty Invites I Love :)

Golf theme? Classic ;) *especially for a Mulligan*

I am all about the color (oh, the color) on this one, as well as the use of letterpress with the reverse printing.
Love how the design lines up on the insert cards, as well as the reverse reverse print on the invite (plus, that color is gorgeous!)

HOW CUTE IS THIS?! I love the vintage feel with these invites.
The Save the Date (the tag) is so cute - plus the pocket carrier for the invite and inserts.

 I really enjoy the detail in this one - I (unfortunately) didn't take down the whole suite that went with this one, but I do remember the design carrying through on all of the printed pieces, and it was really well done.

 Love the simple, but unique, layout on this one.

All fun things for a Monday morning! Enjoy! :)

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  1. I think we both must have been going through OSBP's archives lately! I've seen a couple of these before too. You could always look into doing single color letterpressed invites too because it's cheaper. Although, I do like the emboss idea too! One of my coworkers is getting married soon and just designed her invites. She used the raised emboss and used their initials as the stamp...very pretty. :)

  2. I've looked into the 1C option, but the cheapest I've found them at is $1.17 per invite compared to less than $0.40 per invite for a 4C digitally printed invite - that would save me $120! (and that's just the invite - not the other inserts)

    So we'll see! I'm hoping I can save enough, or figure something else out that will work well (maybe a letterpress/digital print combo) and not break the bank. If you know of any vendors who are priced better than that, pleeeeeease let me know cuz I've been looking!