April 10, 2011

We're moving!!

The long awaited search for renters has finally come to an end! After some serious failed attempts, no shows, dry spells, and one almost-serious attempt, we found a great couple who is going to be renting from us for the next year! This also means that we need to move out...cuz I don't think they want roommates. :)

Since this all happened last week, that meant that this weekend was devoted to searching for a future home for us. We had talked about possibly buying a few months ago, but with the risk of having two mortgages on the line, we decided to enjoy the flexibility that renting provides. The overall motivation for moving in the first place was to help improve Allen's commute - a 40 mile commute every day has really started to weigh on him. After that, there were a lot of other great reasons that fell into place, so we ended up finding a great place in Farmington Hills for us to rent - smack in the middle of Livonia and Birmingham where we both work.

Needless to say, we're really excited, but of course our moving falls right in the middle of my finals for school (since we don't have enough going on, clearly). We'll be moving in the next few weeks to accommodate our renters. Lucky for me, I have kinda the best fiance ever and he has taken on the bulk of the packing so I can focus and get through the next couple of weeks. Keepin it real crazy around here!

This has also developed into a need to purge a lot of our belongings. We have a TON of stuff, especially since I had my own place before we moved in together. This means we have duplicates of some items, so we've spent most of the past week and this weekend analyzing, piling, sorting, selling, and throwing a lot of stuff out. Most of the throwing out and selling were the result of many conversations like, "Do we really feel like moving that?" (and by we, I mean Allen) with the verdict oftentimes being a big fat NO. The result has been a crazy amount of Craig's Listing (which I hate, because of the sketchiness of many people - but love for the few gems of people that are out there and will actually buy from us). Of course, we want to offer these items to the people we know and love, so if anyone is interested, here are a few of the gems we're selling:

White leather recliner

Glass coffee and end tables (4 total)

Man cave TV



Patio furniture

We also have our ping pong table, couch and chair, vacuum, camping chairs, universal remote, racquetball sets, and much more! (Yep, totally advertising on the blog, sorry!) If anyone is interested, please let me know! 

All in all, it's going to be a crazy couple of weeks around here, but nothing we can't handle!! I'll for sure post pics of the new place once we get all settled too.

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