July 8, 2011

They're outta here!

Precious cargo!

That's me and the invites on our way to the post office. Yes, I strapped them in. Like they were my children being taken on a long trip. I may or may not have held my arm out the whole way like my mom and dad do when they would stop fast in the car.

A much longer post to come on the invites with pictures and gloriousness, I just want to make sure people actually start receiving them first before I spoil the fun for them! I just got word from one dutiful friend that theirs came through perfectly so fingers crossed on that one.

But let's just say, the assembly took foreverrrrrrrrr. Luckily, I had the best guy and friends in the world to drag assist through the fun. Don't worry, they were properly fed and hydrated through my drill-sergeant assembly line. Hopefully I wasn't too crazy, but I did get a few eye rolls when I asked everyone to wash their hands before touching anything. Hehe :)

Woop! More to come!

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