November 4, 2009

First Traverse City visit

So we haven't gotten super far on plans yet for the wedding - somehow this whole working full time and going to school thing is getting in the way! However, we did manage to head up north for a weekend in October to scope out some potential ceremony and reception areas.

One small roadblock: Apparently the Catholic churches up north aren't exactly keen on marrying "outsiders". If you're not a resident of that particular city, or a consistent member of a particular church, you tend to be last in line for picking wedding dates to get married. I was previously warned about this by a few friends who have been married through the Catholic church, but the idea of getting married up north is something that I've always wanted so we were determined to at least take a shot at it.

So, after being turned down a few times (ok, like 8-9 times) we finally found a church that will marry us without any objection. WOO! Mission accomplished! In addition, we are able to take our marriage classes through the Detroit Diocese so luckilly we won't have to drive up north every weekend for a few weeks to get all of that done.
One thing checked off the list!! More details to come on that obviously, as soon as we can get a few other details squared away, but at least we're making progress somewhere!

PS: A huuuuuuuuuuuuge THANK YOU to my amazing cousin Laura for letting us stay with her in Harbor Springs that weekend :) You are the best hostess in the whole wide world!

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