December 11, 2009


So as Allen and I have started building our wedding plans, a few priorities have come out of what we'd like to see/have at the wedding. Surprisingly, we both have the same level of priorities for some of the big ticket items. Our list, so far, has gone in this order:

  1. The Bar: Anyone who knows us knows we like a good party, so that is probably priority #1 for this wedding. And nothing contributes more to a good party than the booze, let's be honest. I'm sure we'll be featuring some of our signature drinks at the wedding (car bombs anyone?), but if nothing else, just making sure everyone is properly hydrated is important to us :)
  2. The Photography: Since this is one of the major keepsakes that we'll have around forever and ever, this is not a place we plan to skimp on. Plus, I love me some good photography so on THE day, it's pretty important.
  3. The Music: We have both been to weddings where everything has been absolutely wonderful, elegant, and delicious...but a bad DJ just ruined the time for everyone. We will have a very thorough DO NOT PLAY list that our DJ will be required to follow (no chicken dance, macarena, and any other coordinated dance songs as far as I'm concerned). This is also where all of YOU come into play - visit the "music selection" page HERE to put in your request! (Although we do veto power).
  4. The Food: Allen and I are also very big food lovers (I'm such a fat kid at heart, let's be honest). So the food, while important, ranks lower than a few other items on the list mainly due to costs, but we'll make sure everyone has a full belly to keep up with the bar.
  5. The Invites: This last one is probably my own little priority in this wedding. I'm planning on designing and printing my own invites, and I want them to be fabulous. Others may say that this is just another added stress I'm bringing on myself, but I honestly think I'd be more stressed out NOT doing it myself.  Plus, as a self-proclaimed print nerd - my coworkers can attest to this - I feel that anything less than fabulous would not meet my standards.

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  1. Of course you will do the invites. I wouldn't imagine your wedding any other way. Of course, you'll probably do the programs and escort cards too, knowing you love of both design and paper goods.