January 4, 2010

A quick one!

Sorry for the delay in blogging - I apparently have to learn how to draft and save for later.

One of my favorite things Allen and I did during the holidays was have our own little Christmas celebration the Monday before the actual holiday. It was really, really nice to cook a big dinner, watch a movie (nothing holiday - Inglorious Basterds, haha! But that movie was awesome), and exchange gifts. I hope it's a tradition that we carry on with us for as long as we continue to have crazy holiday seasons.

Speaking of...the holidays were absolutely CRAZY. Way too much going on, and while all of it was a lot of fun (more to come on that), I was a little relieved to leave for Arizona on the 28th to go visit my future brother and sister-in-laws.

While we did a lot in AZ (more to come on that also), the best part was just relaxing, hanging out with everyone, and reading my newest book The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. I have to say, the book was really interesting. Brought a lot of light into new topics of science that I had personally never thought of before. The end of the book completely dragged on, but for a while it was impossible for me to put it down (ask anyone I traveled with). I recommend it for sure!

More to come on the holiday festivities, our engagement party, and Arizona. I just have to finally load all of my pictures up!

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