May 12, 2010

Hey Buddy!

Hi everyone, I would like to introduce you to the newest member of my family.

My brand-spankin'-new, 15" MacBook Pro:

Hello, lover.

How did I come across this prized possession? Well, Allen and I went out for an early birthday dinner on Friday out at Partridge Creek. If any of you were in Michigan on Friday, you would remember that there were tornado and storm warnings going on all night, and it basically looked like a monsoon through the restaurant windows. After we finished up at Brio (ps - soooooooo yummy), Allen decided that he wanted to take a walk around the mall to "walk off dinner." I gently (ha) reminded him that it was a disaster outside, so he said we would stop and get an umbrella somewhere. So we walk out, it's only slightly drizzling...and then suddenly pouring all at once. So I gently (ha) again tell him we need to get inside now and we duck into the Apple store that was nearby. I then told him that I didn't think that the Apple store sold umbrellas, and then he suggested that we get my birthday present instead.

So, basically, I felt like a jerk for my ranting about the weather. But I don't think I've complained about anything since! :)

In true form, I moved on to the next important step: Naming the laptop. For those of you who don't know, my friends and I have a tendency to name many of the inanimate objects that we hold near and dear to our hearts. From cars, to computers, to laptops, to even purses or sunglasses, naming provides another level to the said object. With this in mind, I shall call him...Buddy!
Now I realize that this is a really crazy, extravagant gift from basically the best guy in the world (yeah, I said it). I'm a lucky girl, without a doubt, but don't think I didn't call Allen straight crazy for doing this, and that I didn't practically fight him on our walk over to the laptops. Of course, once I realized that he wasn't changing his mind, I easily gave in. He did say that his reasoning for getting me the laptop was three-fold: 1) My grad school classes are becoming increasingly Mac-driven, and it would be really helpful for my coursework and projects to have a computer that is compatible. 2) I'll be designing a lot of stuff in the near future, and Macs are obviously very design-friendly, so this will just make life a little easier. 3) He knew I really wanted it :)

Now I'm excited to dive into all of the capabilities of the laptop, utilize all of the tools, tutorials, videos, and tips that my fellow Mac-crazy comrades will share with me, and start some new projects!! More to come on that end!

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  1. My computer also came from the boy. I was astonished he was willing to spend that much money on me and I protested at first. But gave in cause I really needed a new computer.

    Welcome to the club!