October 8, 2010

It's almost hereeeeeeeee!

It is time.

Ah the rivalry. Which, let's be honest, wasn't much of a rivalry until U of M went 0-2 against MSU the past two years. Now all of a sudden we have the blue team all in a frenzy over who's going to win, and I have not seen such trash talk between alumni of the two schools since...well I can't even remember.

Regardless of where your allegiance lies, it's going to be a great game. Both undefeated (but let's be honest, MSU's victories are a little more substantial than UM's), both have a score to settle or maintain, and both have a lot of pride on the line. I'm all decked out at work, managed to decorate a few UM fans cubes and offices in Sparty gear (hilarious), and am maintaining my end of the trast talk. I am crazy excited :) And also slightly nervous since I have some lunch bets on the line...




  1. so very nervous yet so very excited! GO STATE!!!

  2. No worries on those lunch bets now. They better pay up!