November 4, 2010

Say "eh" to the dress

For most girls starting their wedding planning, finding and buying their wedding dress is one of their favorite and most exciting parts of the process. For me...not so much.

To put some context around this...I'm not really a shopper. Never have been. I go to the store for what I need, I leave with what I went in for. I don't browse, I hate having to dig through racks, and I hate shopping without knowing exactly what I went to the store for. More importantly, I hate dress shopping. In going shopping for dresses for other special occassions (proms, homecoming, friend's weddings, etc), I always felt a ton of pressure going shopping for a dress.

Now, imagine having to shop for THE dress. Yeeeeeeeeeeesh.

I've seriously been putting this off for a good 14 months now. I went once with my mom and sister and pretty much felt uncomfortable the entire time. One good thing came out of the trip - I realized (as most of you may know), I am not a poofy dress kind of girl. So at least that part is narrowed down.

Luckily, I've gotten to the point now where at least I'm looking at dresses online and getting ideas of ones I like. This is progress. Most people have told me that the dress style they originally went in looking for was not the one they ended up with. Honestly, I don't really know that I have a specific "style," (other than not poofy) I just want to look good and feel comfortable. So, the search continues.

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  1. I can't help but picture you as a dress with pockets girl...