February 23, 2011

Hotel Issues

A little wedding notification:

So for people who are planning on attending our wedding, but more importantly, planning on booking at the Bayshore Resort (the hotel that is within walking distance of our reception), we've run into a bit of a problem. Apparently our families are early bookers, and we've already booked almost 30 rooms through our block. This is awesome, but the problem is that there are other events that have blocked rooms for that weekend at the same hotel, so they are occupying the other available rooms at the hotel. So, there are a couple of options:

1. Try one of our other hotel blocks (see www.allenandkaitlyn.com for details)
2. Wait until the beginning of August when they release the other room blocks to book your room
3. Book an upgraded room now, and then downgrade to a standard room in August when the other rooms are released.

We have the sales guy working with us to see if he can release any other rooms from the other blocks, but he's apprehensive to do so with the events so far away at this point. We will keep working with him and I will try to keep you posted to make sure that we can get other rooms released.

Sorry for any hassle that this has caused, but I'm really glad that people are so excited and are booking their rooms already! I promise to keep you all posted! Please get a hold of either Allen or myself if you have any questions!

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