March 25, 2011

Adventures in Registering

So I think I mentioned before that Allen and I had been working on our registries for the wedding. I've heard mixed reviews from different couples about their registering experience - some love it, some hate it, most are overwhelmed by it, some knew exactly what they wanted to get going in, and some did it all from home. I think we were a combination of all of those.

Most of our concern lied with the fact that we don't plan on being in our house in the next year or so. We would like to move, but anywhere we move in the short term is going to be a rental - aka, not permanent. So to pick out stuff for our future house together, without knowing what our future house looks like, was a bit challenging and really limited what we registered for. For example, we registered for very generic bathroom hardware in two different schemes since we don't know what a future bathroom could look like for us. Boring? Maybe. Practical? Yes.

I think the unknown made registering a little difficult, but overall we had a really good experience with it. Allen did drag his feet the first time at BB&B, but after he got that scanner in his hand...well...let's just say we ended up with a few gems like this:
Everyone needs a Haier 16-Bottle Wine Cellar, right?

By the way - that's totally staying on the registry. Somehow, now, I can't picture our future married life without it. But we've done other editing (3 sets of plastic containers in multiple sizes? Where would we even put that?) and I think we have narrowed things down to stuff that we know we'll love and use and share with everyone - yes, including the french onion soup crocks. I will totally make people soup in those things, I am so excited.

The other side effect this has brought on now is my stalking our registry. Normally I wouldn't even consider doing this, but I was editing some stuff on our registry when I noticed that items have been purchased for us already! Not only does this make me insanely curious as to who the early bird was that found our registry and purchased, but it has also made me stalk our registry every day to see what else happens on there. Don't lie, every bride does it, but no one talks about it. I'm talking about it, and I can't help it. One of the many perks of being a bride-to-be :)


  1. We went the same route with neutral dishes and such. But neutral means easy to find fun napkins and table accessories to match a new room or the season!

    I agree that wine cellar is necessary.

  2. If a mini wide cooler isn't necessary I don't know what is. You better believe this will be on our registry too :)

  3. If a mini wine cooler is wrong, I don't want to be right :)

  4. I agree. this was needed and it may join our registry too :) And it is sad I stalk ur registry too? ;)